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Design & Engineering for those who deserve more

We are a product design and engineering studio devoted to creating inclusive products that focus on technological innovations for all, but also for seniors and those who live in challenging circumstances, because we are convinced that they deserve more...



We believe in Inclusive design to find solutions that meet the needs of some people and benefit all

Throughout our design and engineering process, not only do we ask ourselves questions about the efficiency of the final product to improve all users' satisfaction, but also and above all its accessibility to older people and persons with disabilities


Carrying out assistive products is the result of our human-centered approach to design, which puts the needs of those who deserve more attention up front and center.

We work hard to create domestic aids that help people manage daily tasks independently, with more comfort and greater satisfaction

jar opener in the studio


Our assistive products help older people or persons with disabilities easily adjust for some deficits. This specialized technology encourages autonomy, independence and reduces the use of other forms of assistance



We create products to reach a demanding market. This means expert engineering, seamless design to manufacturing and rigorous quality validation during production

French design

This means expertise to tackle complex design and engineering challenges, attention to details and emphasis on quality to create products that are built to last and that offer exceptional performance

BtoB friendly

We prioritize building strong and long-term relationships based on trust and reliability, and understand that our customers' focus on factors such as ROI and lasting value is essential to them and us.


We offer customized or personalized solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers . We are flexible to accommodate their requirements regarding product color options, personalized packaging, brand identity ...

TÜV certifications

All our products have passed TÜV certification, which means that they have met all the requirements for safety, quality and reliability. They comply with international regulations.

World registered models

All our models are registered in most countries . Protecting our unique products gives our customers a competitive advantage with an increased market value and legal protection

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